Overseas Electors Bill

Explanatory Notes

New section 1E (Renewal declaration)

40 New section 1E introduces the new concept of a renewal declaration, as a consequence of the new renewal process introduced by the Bill. New subsection (1) specifies the content of a renewal declaration, which replicates the content required in an initial declaration (see new section 1C(1)), but with the date of the renewal declaration being provided rather than the date of the initial declaration.

41 New subsection (2) provides that a renewal declaration must also state the UK address where the overseas elector is registered and confirm that the individual has not been registered at any other UK address since they first registered as an overseas elector at that address.

42 New subsection (3) makes provision for a British citizen who was born in Northern Ireland and is specifying a registration address in Northern Ireland to declare they are an Irish citizen in addition to, or instead of, a British citizen.

43 New subsection (4) sets out that if a person submits a renewal declaration with more than one address, the declaration will be void. Equally, multiple declarations from the same person carrying the same date but different addresses will not be valid.

44 New subsection (5) provides for the declarant to be able to cancel their renewal declaration at any time should they so wish.

45 New subsection (6) outlines the definitions of terminology used in this section.


Prepared 7th February 2018