Overseas Electors Bill

Explanatory Notes

New section 1F (Power to amend period specified in section 1D)

46 New section 1F provides in new subsection (1) that the period of time during which an elector remains registered without needing to renew their declaration can be changed from the current 12 months by the Minister for the Cabinet Office or by the Secretary of State by way of an order. The maximum period which a declaration could be valid under this power cannot exceed 5 years.

47 New subsection (2) enables incidental and consequential amendments to be made to other relevant legislation which are necessary as a result of changes to the length of declaration.

48 New subsection (3) sets out that the Electoral Commission must be consulted by the Minister for the Cabinet Office or the Secretary of State in the event of any planned changes to the registration period of overseas electors.

49 New subsections (4) and (5) set out that the order making power to vary the length of the declaration period under subsection 1D(1)(a) and (3)(a) is exercisable by statutory instrument and must be approved by a resolution passed by both houses of Parliament before it is made.

50 New subsection (6) provides that in the event of any change to the declaration period, any new period will automatically apply to existing declarations if that period of time is longer than the original declaration.


Prepared 7th February 2018