Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill

Explanatory Notes

Overview of the Bill

1 The Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill has 56 clauses and 9 schedules. A summary of, and background to, the Bill is provided below.

2 Whatever the outcome of negotiations with the European Union (EU), the UK will need to legislate for a new Customs regime to be in place by March 2019. The new regime must provide for the tariff-related aspects of the UK’s future trading framework. It will need to allow sufficient flexibility to give effect to a range of potential outcomes from negotiations with the UK’s European partners, including an implementation period, and implementation of a new Customs regime in the event there is no negotiated settlement.

3 In relation to VAT and excise, it is necessary to amend existing legislation as a consequence of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU with or without an agreement in order to ensure that these regimes work appropriately on withdrawal.


Prepared 20th November 2017