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Thursday 7 June 2018


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Tenant Fees Bill


[Second and Third Sittings]




This document shows the fate of each clause, schedule, amendment and new clause.


The following terms are used:


Agreed to: agreed without a vote.


Agreed to on division: agreed following a vote.


Negatived: rejected without a vote.


Negatived on division: rejected following a vote.


Not called: debated in a group of amendments, but not put to a decision.


Not moved: not debated or put to a decision.


Question proposed: debate underway but not concluded.


Withdrawn after debate: moved and debated but then withdrawn, so not put to a decision.


Not selected: not chosen for debate by the Chair.




Clause 1 Agreed to.


Clause 2 Agreed to.


Clause 3 Agreed to.


Melanie Onn


Sarah Jones


Negatived on division  7


Schedule  1,  page  23,  line  12,  leave out “six” and insert “three”


Melanie Onn


Sarah Jones


Not moved  8


Schedule  1,  page  23,  line  15,  leave out first “six” and insert “three”


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 7 June 2018            



Tenant Fees Bill, continued


Melanie Onn


Sarah Jones


Not moved  9


Schedule  1,  page  23,  line  15,  leave out second “six” and insert “three”


Melanie Onn


Sarah Jones


Negatived on division  5


Schedule  1,  page  23,  leave out lines 19 to 29


Melanie Onn


Sarah Jones


Negatived on division  10


Schedule  1,  page  23,  leave out paragraph 4 and insert—


“4  (1)  

Subject to sub-paragraphs (3), (4) and (5), a payment that a tenant is required


to make in the event of a default by the tenant is a permitted payment if the


tenant is required by the tenancy agreement to make the payment in the event


of such a default.



In this paragraph “default” means a failure by the tenant to—



perform an obligation, or



discharge a liability, arising under or in connection with the tenancy.



But if the amount of the payment exceeds the reasonable and proportionate


value of the loss suffered by the landlord or letting agent as a result of the


default, the amount of the excess is a prohibited payment.



The Secretary of State must by regulations made by statutory instrument


specify the circumstances in which a payment is to be considered a payment in


the event of a default within the meaning of sub-paragraph (1).



Regulations under sub-paragraph (4) must also make provision as to the


procedure to be followed by a landlord or letting agent in seeking to recover a


payment under this paragraph, which may include a requirement to give notice


of proposed recovery in a prescribed form accompanied by evidence of the loss


sustained by reason of the relevant default.”


Dr Paul Williams


Negatived on division  1


Schedule  1,  page  24,  line  21,  at end insert—



On provision of documentary proof from the tenant, sub-paragraph (1) shall


not apply to tenancies terminated at the tenant’s request as a result of the tenant





suffered a physical or mental health crisis that requires care to be


provided in an alternative environment, or



been subjected to domestic violence by a cohabitee



and the Secretary of State shall make regulations specifying the documentary


proof required from the tenant for the purposes of this sub-paragraph.”


Melanie Onn


Sarah Jones


Withdrawn after debate  11


Schedule  1,  page  24,  line  34,  after paragraph (4), insert—



In the event of a tenant terminating a tenancy as a result of a breach of section


1 or section 2 of this Act, any payment beyond the date of termination is a


prohibited payment.”


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 7 June 2018            



Tenant Fees Bill, continued


Schedule Agreed to.



Melanie Onn


Sarah Jones


Not moved  12


Clause  4,  page  4,  line  5,  at end insert “, except that the tenant may choose to


terminate the agreement without penalty.”


Clause Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 12 June at 9.25am



Revised 07 June 2018