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Agriculture Bill




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Dame Cheryl Gillan




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Clause  1,  page  1,  line  9,  after “enhances” insert “landscape quality”



Notices of Amendments: 11 October 2018                  



Agriculture Bill, continued


Mrs Emma Lewell-Buck


Alex Cunningham


Mary Glindon


Kerry McCarthy


Paul Farrelly


Jo Stevens

Sarah Champion

Helen Goodman

Liz Twist




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To move the following Clause—



“Duty of Secretary of State to monitor and report on food insecurity



The Secretary of State must lay before each House of Parliament a draft of an


order, under section 6(1)(b) of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007,


to make provision for official statistics for the monitoring of household food


insecurity in the United Kingdom, including provision for the inclusion in the


annual Living Costs and Food Survey of food insecurity questions.



For the purposes of this section “food insecurity” means a person’s state in which


consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other


resources at times during the year.



Before laying a draft order under subsection (1) the Secretary of State must—



consult the Scottish Ministers, the Welsh Ministers, the relevant


Northern Ireland department, and such other persons (in addition to the


Board) as the Secretary of State considers appropriate, and



have due regard to international best practice on food insecurity,


including but not limited to the United States Household Food Security





As soon as practicable after the publication each year of Living Costs and Food


Survey data, the Secretary of State must publish an annual report on food





The Secretary of State’s annual report must include—



an assessment of trends in food insecurity, broken down by different


parts of the United Kingdom and different regions of England, and



a summary of actions to be taken in areas of high food insecurity by the


UK Government, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government or


the Northern Ireland Executive.



The Secretary of State must consult the Scottish Ministers, the Welsh Ministers


and the relevant Northern Ireland department before preparing a report under


subsection (4).



The Secretary of State must lay before Parliament a copy of each report prepared


under subsection (4).



In this section—


“parts of the United Kingdom” means—









Wales, and



Northern Ireland;


“regions of England” has the same meaning as that used by the Office for


National Statistics.”




Revised 11 October 2018