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House of Commons


Thursday 14 February 2019


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Immigration and Social Security


Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill


[Third and Fourth Sittings]




This document shows the fate of each clause, schedule, amendment and new clause.


The following terms are used:


Agreed to: agreed without a vote.


Agreed to on division: agreed following a vote.


Negatived: rejected without a vote.


Negatived on division: rejected following a vote.


Not called: debated in a group of amendments, but not put to a decision.


Not moved: not debated or put to a decision.


Question proposed: debate underway but not concluded.


Withdrawn after debate: moved and debated but then withdrawn, so not put to a decision.


Not selected: not chosen for debate by the Chair.




The following witnesses gave oral evidence:



Bella Sankey, Director, Detention Action; Ilona Pinter, Policy and Research Manager, The


Children‘s Society; Steve Valdez-Symonds, Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme Director,


Amnesty International UK; Adrian Berry, Chair, Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association;


Jurga McCluskey, Partner, Head of Immigration, Deloitte LLP.



Hilary Brown, Immigration Supervisor (Head of Department) and CEO of Virgo Consultancy


Services Ltd; Martin Hoare, Senior Partner, H&S Legal Solicitors.



James Porter, Horticulture Working Group Chairman, National Farmers Union Scotland.



Professor Steven Peers, Professor of EU, Human Rights and World Trade Law, University of





Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 14 February 2019        



Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill, continued


Professor Stijn Smismans, Director of the Centre for European Law and Governance at Cardiff


University, The 3 Million.



Joe Owen, Associate Director, Institute for Government.



Jeremy Morgan QC, Vice-chair, British in Europe; Kalba Meadows, British in Europe.



[Adjourned until Tuesday 26 February at 9.25am



Revised 14 February 2019