Session 2017-19
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Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.)


[The page and line references are to HL Bill 140, the bill as first printed for the Lords]

After Clause 1


Insert the following new Clause—


“Extension of civil partnership



The Secretary of State may, by regulations, amend the Civil Partnership Act


2004 so that two persons who are not of the same sex are eligible to form a


civil partnership in England and Wales (provided that they would be


eligible to do so apart from the question of sex).



The Secretary of State must exercise that power so that such regulations are


in force no later than 31 December 2019.



The Secretary of State may, by regulations, make any other provision that


appears to the Secretary of State to be appropriate in view of the extension


of eligibility to form civil partnerships in England and Wales to couples


who are not of the same sex.



Regulations under subsection (3) may, in particular, make provision





parenthood and parental responsibility of parties to a civil





the application by a party to a civil partnership for a gender


recognition certificate under the Gender Recognition Act 2004, or


the issuing of such a certificate, and the consequences of that


application or issuing for the civil partnership;



the financial consequences of civil partnership (for example, in


relation to pensions or social security);



the treatment under the law of England and Wales as civil


partnerships of similar relationships formed outside the United




Bill 353






The Secretary of State may, by regulations, make provision—



for and in connection with a right to convert a marriage into a civil


partnership (including any provision equivalent or similar to that


contained in or authorised by section 9 of the Marriage (Same Sex


Couples) Act 2013);



restricting or bringing to an end—



the right to convert a civil partnership into a marriage


conferred by section 9(1) or (2) of the Marriage (Same Sex


Couples) Act 2013 (including as it applies or would apply by


virtue of regulations under this section);



any right conferred under paragraph (a).



Before making regulations under subsection (5), the Secretary of State must


consult such persons as the Secretary of State considers appropriate.



The Secretary of State may, by regulations, make any provision that the


Secretary of State considers appropriate in order to protect the ability to act


in accordance with religious belief in relation to civil partnership


(including the conversion of civil partnership into marriage and vice





Regulations under subsection (3), (5) or (7) may include provision


amending, repealing or revoking primary legislation passed or made


before the end of the Session in which this Act is passed.



In this section—



reference to forming a civil partnership in England and Wales


includes reference to registering as civil partners outside the United


Kingdom by virtue of eligibility to do so in England and Wales (in


accordance with section 210(2)(b) or 211(2)(b) of the Civil


Partnership Act 2004);



“primary legislation” means—



an Act of Parliament;



an Act or Measure of the National Assembly for Wales;



a Measure of the Church Assembly or of the General Synod


of the Church of England.”

Clause 2


Leave out Clause 2

Clause 5


Page 4, line 19, at end insert—



The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision in consequence


of regulations under section (Extension of civil partnership).”



Page 4, line 22, after “(1)” insert “, (1A)”







Page 4, line 32, leave out from beginning to “may” in line 33 and insert—



regulations under section (Extension of civil partnership), or



regulations under any other section of this Act that amend, repeal


or revoke any provision of primary legislation,”

In the Title


Line 1, leave out “a report on civil partnerships” and insert “the extension of civil


partnerships to couples not of the same sex”









Revised 07 March 2019