Kew Garden (Leases) (No.3) Bill

Explanatory Notes

Policy background

2 The Bill removes restrictions on leases on the Kew Gardens estate. Currently the Crown Lands Act 1702, limits such leases to 31 years. This Bill would allow leases of up to 150 years.

3 The change will allow Kew to generate revenue to improve the quality of its estate and support its scientific research in line with its plans. Income generation will help enable Kew to achieve its core objectives and retention of UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

4 A lease under this Bill may only be granted if the Secretary of State is satisfied that it will not have an adverse impact on the status of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew as a World Heritage Site, and satisfied that the granting of a lease will not have an adverse impact on the functions of the Board of Trustees at Kew which are set out in section 24 of the National Heritage Act 1983.

5 The aim is to enable Kew to increase its self-generated income. Income would be generated by granting leases of up to 150 years (standard commercial and domestic terms) for the use of parts of the Kew Gardens estate for residential or commercial use. By granting leases of up to 150 years, Kew would transfer the liability and cost of maintaining these non-core assets to the leaseholder.


Prepared 11th June 2019