Kew Garden (Leases) (No.3) Bill

Explanatory Notes

Legal background

6 Section 5 of the Crown Lands Act 1702 prevents the sale of Crown land and limits leases over Crown land to a term of 31 years. Kew is Crown land. It is managed by the Secretary of State and, where directed to do so, Kew's Board of Trustees.

7 This Bill provides that the Secretary of State's powers of management includes power to grant leases at Kew for up to 150 years. It disapplies the Section 5 of the Crown Lands Act 1702 (which limits leases to 31 years) in relation to leases of land at Kew.

8 The Secretary of State may only grant a lease if satisfied that, the lease would not have an adverse effect on the UNESCO World Heritage Site status (and would remain so), and that the lease would not have any adverse impact upon the functions of the Board of Trustees as set out under the National Heritage Act 1983.


Prepared 11th June 2019