Domestic Abuse Bill

Explanatory Notes

Table of Contents


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Civil protection orders6

Special measures7

Polygraph testing9

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme9

Secure tenancies10

Criminal liability for domestic abuse in Northern Ireland11

Cross-examination in family proceedings11

The Istanbul Convention – extra-territorial jurisdiction11

Clause 1: Definition of "domestic abuse"16

Clause 2: Definition of "personally connected"16

Clauses 3 to 5: Domestic Abuse Commissioner17

Clause 6: General Functions of Commissioner17

Clause 7: Reports18

Clause 8: Advice and assistance18

Clause 9: Incidental powers19

Clause 10: Framework document19

Clause 11: Advisory Board19

Clause 12: Strategic plans20

Clause 13: Annual reports20

Clause 14: Duty to co-operate with Commissioner20

Clause 15: Duty to respond to Commissioner’s recommendations20

Clause 16: Disclosure of information21

Clause 17: Restriction on exercise of functions in individual cases21

Clause 18: Amendments relating to the Commissioner21

Clause 19: Power to give a domestic abuse protection notice21

Clause 20: Provision that may be made by notices22

Clause 21: Matters to be considered before giving a notice22

Clause 22: Further requirements in relation to notices23

Clause 23: Breach of notice23

Clause 24: Meaning of "domestic abuse protection order"24

Clause 25: Domestic abuse protection orders on application24

Clause 26: Applications where domestic abuse protection notice has been given24

Clause 27: Remand under section 26(8) of person arrested for breach of notice25

Clause 28: Domestic abuse protection orders otherwise than on application25

Clause 29: Conditions for making an order26

Clause 30: Matters to be considered before making an order26

Clause 31: Making of orders without notice26

Clause 32: Provision that may be made by orders27

Clause 33: Further provision about requirements that may be imposed by orders27

Clause 34: Further provision about electronic monitoring requirements28

Clause 35: Duration and geographical application of orders28

Clause 36: Breach of order29

Clause 37: Arrest for breach of order29

Schedule 1: Further provision about remand under section 3729

Clause 38: Notification requirements30

Clause 39: Further provision about notification under section 3831

Clause 40: Offences relating to notification31

Clause 41: Variation and discharge of orders31

Clause 42: Variation and discharge: supplementary32

Clause 43: Appeals32

Clause 44: Further provision about appeals33

Clause 45: Nature of certain proceedings under this Chapter33

Clause 46: Special measures for witnesses33

Clause 47: Guidance33

Clause 48: Data from electronic monitoring: code of practice34

Clause 49: Powers to make other orders in proceedings under this Chapter34

Clause 50: Proceedings not to be subject to conditional fee agreements34

Clause 51: Repeal of provisions about domestic violence protection notices and orders34

Clause 52: Interpretation of Chapter 335

Clause 53: Special measures directions in cases involving domestic abuse35

Clause 54: Polygraph conditions for offenders released on licence35

Clause 55: Guidance about the disclosure of information by police forces36

Clause 56: Grant of secure tenancies in cases of domestic abuse37

Clause 57: The domestic abuse offence38

Clause 58: What constitutes "abusive" behaviour38

Clause 59: Further provision about "behaviour"39

Clause 60: Definition of "personally connected"40

Clause 61: Behaviour occurring outside the UK40

Clause 62: Exception for persons having responsibility for children40

Clause 63: Defence on grounds of reasonableness40

Clause 64: Alternative available for conviction41

Clause 65: Penalty for the offence41

Clause 66: Aggravation of offence where the victim is under 1841

Clause 67: Aggravation of offence where child is otherwise involved41

Clause 68: Relationship taken as established if not challenged42

Clause 69: Service of notice under section 6842

Clause 70: No right to claim trial by jury in summary proceedings42

Clause 71: No cross-examination by accused in person42

Clause 72: Special measures for witnesses42

Clause 73: Guidance about investigation of offence43

Clause 74: Application of Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 195443

Clause 75: Prohibition of cross-examination in person in family proceedings43

New section 31Q – Prohibition of cross-examination in person: introductory43

New section 31R – Prohibition of cross-examination in person: victims of offences43

New section 31S – Prohibition of cross-examination in person: persons protected by injunctions etc44

New section 31T - Direction for prohibition of cross-examination in person: other cases44

New section 31U – Directions under section 31T: supplementary45

New section 31V – Alternatives to cross-examination in person45

New section 31W – Costs of legal representatives appointed under section 31V46

New section 31X – Regulations under Part 4B46

Clause 76: Offences against the person committed outside the UK: England and Wales46

Clause 77: Offences against the person committed outside the UK: Northern Ireland46

Clause 78: Amendments relating to offences committed outside the UK47

Schedule 2: Amendments relating to offences committed outside the UK47

Part 1: England and Wales47

Part 2: Scotland47

Part 3: Northern Ireland49

Clause 79: Power of Secretary of State to issue guidance about domestic abuse, etc49


Prepared 15th July 2019