Explanatory Notes

Clause 39: Consequential and transitional provisions

352 Subsection (1) allows a Minister of the Crown to make regulations which are appropriate as a consequence of the Bill.

353 Subsection (2) clarifies that consequential provision might include modifying (such as amending, repealing or revoking) both primary and secondary legislation.

354 Subsection (3) provides that Ministers cannot make consequential provision which modifies primary legislation (which includes secondary legislation made under that primary legislation) passed after IP completion day.

355 Subsection (4) provides that Parts 1 and 2 of Schedule 6 contains minor and consequential provision.

356 Subsection (5) allows a Minister of the Crown to make transitional, transitory or saving provision by regulations.

357 Subsection (6) provides that Part 3 of Schedule 6 contains transitional, transitory and saving provision.


Prepared 22nd October 2019