Explanatory Notes

Parliamentary oversight

60 The Bill will provide for parliamentary scrutiny over any EU legislation made, or which may be made, during the implementation period that, in the opinion of the European Scrutiny Committee, affects the UK’s vital national interests. An equivalent provision is made for the House of Lords European Union Select Committee to perform this role in the House of Lords.

61 The Bill also makes provision for the Withdrawal Agreement to be ratified in a timely manner and avoid additional delay that could be caused by unnecessary requirements. The Bill will also repeal unnecessary and spent enactments passed in the previous Parliament in relation to the UK’s exit from the EU.

62 Additionally, the Bill provides that only Government Ministers may act as UK co-chair of the UK-EU Joint Committee established by the Withdrawal Agreement. This means that the UK co-chair of the Joint Committee will be personally accountable to Parliament for their actions in this forum. Further, the Bill prohibits the use of written procedure for adopting Joint Committee recommendations and decisions, ensuring that these are always made by the Minister in person. The Bill also requires updates to Parliament on any disputes that may arise after the IP between the UK and the EU.


Prepared 19th December 2019