Explanatory Notes

Clause 24: No alteration of North-South co-operation

264 This clause inserts two new subsections into section 10 of the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (entitled ‘Continuation of North-South co-operation and the prevention of new border arrangements’).

265 New subsection (3) clarifies that a Minister of the Crown may not agree to the making of a recommendation by the Joint Committee under Article 11(2) of the Protocol in relation to recommendations as to North-South co-operation which would have the effect of:

a. altering the arrangements of North-South co-operation as provided for by the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement 1998;

b. establishing new implementation bodies; or

c. altering the functions of an existing implementation body.

266 New subsection (4) sets out that, for the purposes of this section, the definition of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement 1998 is that given by section 98 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and the definition of an implementation body is that given by section 55(3) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.


Prepared 19th December 2019