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European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

[The page and line references are to HL Bill 16, the bill as first printed for the Lords]

Clause 7


Leave out Clause 7 and insert the following new Clause—


Rights related to residence



The Secretary of State must by regulations make provision implementing—



Article 18(4) of the withdrawal agreement (right of eligible citizens


to receive a residence document),



Article 17(4) of the EEA EFTA separation agreement (right of


eligible citizens to receive a residence document), and



Article 16(4) of the Swiss citizens’ rights agreement (right of eligible


citizens to receive a residence document),



including making provision for a physical document providing proof of





Subsection (1) applies in the same way to—



persons within the personal scope of the withdrawal agreement


having the right to reside in the United Kingdom, and



persons to whom the provisions in paragraph (a) do not apply but


who are eligible for—



indefinite leave to enter or remain, or



limited leave to enter or remain,



by virtue of residence scheme immigration rules (see section 17).”

Clause 26


Page 30, line 13, leave out paragraph (b)






Page 30, line 20, leave out paragraph (d) and insert—



after subsection (5) insert—



Where a court or tribunal other than the Supreme Court or


the High Court of Justiciary is of the opinion that any


retained EU case law that is relevant to an issue before it


should be departed from, that court or tribunal must—



in its judgment set out the reasons for that opinion,





refer the case to the Supreme Court or, as


appropriate, the High Court of Justiciary,



and if the Supreme Court or High Court of Justiciary grants


leave for the case to proceed, it must decide whether to


depart from the EU case law on the issue before it.”, and”

Clause 37


Leave out Clause 37

Clause 38


Page 37, line 27, after “Kingdom” insert “, acting in accordance with the


conventions relating to devolved power set out in—



section 28(8) of the Scotland Act 1998, and



section 107(6) of the Government of Wales Act 2006,”





Revised 21 January 2020