Environment Bill

Explanatory Notes

New section 45AZD Sections 45A to 45AZB: duties of waste collectors

438 New section 45AZD introduces additional duties on persons who collect household waste, or commercial and industrial waste that is like household waste in nature and composition.

439 Under subsection (1), where any person collects or proposes to collect waste under arrangements in new sections 45A to 45AZB, and they will be collecting two or more of the recyclable waste streams co-mingled rather than individually separated, on the basis that it would not be technically or economically practicable to collect individually separated or that there would be no significant environmental benefit in collecting it individually separated, then they will need to carry out a written assessment under subsection (2) of why they have relied on new section 45A(6), 45AZA(6) or 45AZB(6).


Prepared 29th January 2020