Environment Bill

Explanatory Notes

Parliamentary approval for financial costs or for charges imposed

1636 The Bill will require a money resolution, to cover:

expenditure by the Secretary of State, including in particular the cost of establishing and funding the Office for Environmental Protection (clause 21(1) and paragraph 11 of Schedule 1), and a power to make grants or loans to the operator of an electronic waste tracking system (clause 55(2), inserted section 34CA(11)); and

increased expenditure under other Acts, arising from the costs to public authorities of functions conferred or imposed on them by virtue of the Bill (for example, local authorities’ new duties in relation to separate waste collection under clause 54).

1637 The Bill will also require a ways and means resolution, to cover:

the provisions about producer responsibility for disposal costs, under which producers can be required to make payments in respect of the costs of disposing of products and materials (clause 48 and Schedule 5);

a number of provisions allowing fees and charges to be imposed in connection with the exercise of functions (for example, clause 61 extends the Environment Agency’s charging powers under section 41 of the Environment Act 1995); and

charges for biodiversity credits made by the Secretary of State under clause 92 of the Bill.


Prepared 29th January 2020