Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Bill

Explanatory Notes

Legal background

6 There is no existing legislation specifically relating to school uniform or other aspects of appearance. Decisions about individual schools’ uniform policies are a matter for the school’s governing body or academy trust. However, as set out above, the Department for Education publishes non-statutory best practice guidance on school uniform to support schools with this.

7 The Bill inserts new section 551A into Chapter III (Other Provisions about Schools) of Part X (Miscellaneous and General) of the Education Act 1996. This new section imposes (in sub-section (1)) a statutory duty on the Secretary of State to issue guidance to relevant schools in England on the costs aspects of school uniform policies, to which the appropriate authority of those schools must have regard (see definitions under ‘Commentary on provisions of Bill’ below).


Prepared 5th March 2020