Explanatory Notes

Disclosure: Scotland

65 In Scotland, the Bill will allow Scottish Ministers to relax certain requirements under the Protecting Vulnerable Groups legislation to allow the disclosure service to better cope in an emergency and continue to support recruitment in key sectors.

66 To ensure that safeguarding is not compromised should its staff be seriously affected by illness, the Bill contains powers for the Scottish Ministers to reclassify certain types of disclosure application to allow faster processing.

67 Disclosure Scotland (an Executive Agency of Scottish Government) is also working to ensure that disclosure checks are not a barrier to fast employment and deployment of emergency health and care workers. With this in mind, the Bill will permit the Scottish Ministers to suspend certain offences which would otherwise apply if an employer appointed a person who was barred from working with vulnerable groups to do regulated work. It will continue to be an offence for a barred individual to take on regulated work.


Prepared 18th March 2020