Explanatory Notes

Schools, childcare providers etc

70 Covid-19 presents particular challenges and risks to those operating in an educational or childcare context, whether children, students, teachers or visitors, because of the need or tendency for persons to learn together in groups and because of the harmful effect that any break in education may have on a young person’s development and progression to further study or employment.

71 The Government believes that what is in the best interests of those in the education arena will vary according to the level of risk which presents itself in a particular place at a particular time. Accordingly, this Bill seeks to take a suite of powers to enable Government to react flexibly to manage differing levels of risk

72 The provisions would only be in place for the period of time required to mitigate the effects of a covid-19 pandemic. Some provisions will remain in force after the expiry of other provisions in the Act to deal with any residual matters.

73 The Bill includes three powers relating to education:

a. a power to require/direct temporary closure of an educational institution or registered childcare provider

b. a power to make specified types of directions in connection with the running of the education and registered childcare systems; and

c. a power to dis-apply or vary specified existing requirements contained in or arising out of education and childcare legislation.


Prepared 18th March 2020