Education Bill (HL Bill 67)

(9) The authority must provide the Secretary of State with such
information as the Secretary of State may require it to provide in
connection with a compulsory purchase under sub-paragraph (5).

Restriction on appropriation of school land held by local authority

6 (1) 25Sub-paragraph (2) applies if—

(a) a freehold or leasehold interest in land is held by a local

(b) the authority proposes to make an appropriation of the
land under section 122 of the Local Government Act 1972,

(c) at any time in the period of eight years ending with the day
on which the appropriation is proposed to be made the
land was used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a

(2) 35Unless the Secretary of State consents, the authority must not
make the appropriation.

7 (1) This paragraph applies if a local authority has made an
appropriation in contravention of paragraph 6(2).

(2) The Secretary of State may purchase the land concerned

(3) Paragraph 5(6) to (9) apply to a compulsory purchase of land
under sub-paragraph (2) as they apply to a compulsory purchase
of land under paragraph 5(5).