Localism Bill (HL Bill 71)

(b) in subsection (6)(b) (regulations about funding may permit levy to be
reserved for expenditure on future projects) after “future projects”
insert “or for expenditure on future ongoing costs”.

(4) 30After section 216 insert—

216A Duty to pass receipts to other persons

(1) CIL regulations may require that CIL received in respect of
development of land in an area is to be passed by the charging
authority that charged the CIL to a person other than that authority.

(2) 35CIL regulations must contain provision to secure that money passed to
a person in discharge of a duty under subsection (1) is used to fund
infrastructure to support the development of—

(a) the area to which the duty relates, or

(b) any part of that area.

(3) 40A duty under subsection (1) may relate to—

(a) the whole of a charging authority’s area or the whole of the
combined area of two or more charging authorities, or

(b) part only of such an area or combined area.