Localism Bill (HL Bill 71)

(d) that the notice should have been served on another person.

(2) 35The occupier or owner of premises which include a surface to which a
notice has been fixed under section 225E(3) may appeal to a
magistrates’ court on any of the following grounds—

(a) that the sign concerned is neither detrimental to the amenity of
the area nor offensive;

(b) 40that there has been some informality, defect or error in, or in
connection with, the notice;

(c) that the time within which the sign concerned is to be removed
or obliterated is not reasonably sufficient for the purpose.

(3) So far as an appeal under this section is based on the ground mentioned
45in subsection (1)(b) or (2)(b), the court must dismiss the appeal if it is
satisfied that the informality, defect or error was not a material one.