Welfare Reform Bill (HL Bill 75)

(b) in subsection (2) before paragraph (a) there is inserted—

(za) 35an order made by the Treasury under section 36A(8) or

(zb) regulations made under section 36A(5) or 36C(4),;

(c) in subsection (3)(a) at the beginning there is inserted “an order or”.

(5) In section 67 (interpretation), at the appropriate place there is inserted—

  • 40“cautioned”, in relation to any person and any offence, means
    cautioned after the person concerned has admitted the offence;
    and “caution” is to be interpreted accordingly;.

118 Cautions

(1) In section 6B of the Social Security Fraud Act 2001 (loss of benefit in case of
45conviction, penalty or caution for benefit offence)—