Welfare Reform Bill (HL Bill 75)

Welfare Reform BillPage 169

Part 2 Entitlement to jobseeker’s allowance without seeking employment

Short title and chapter Extent of repeal
Welfare Reform Act 2009 (c. 24) Section 4(2)(a), (3) and (4).
5Section 8(2)(b).

In section 32(2), in the inserted section 20E of the
Jobseekers Act 1995—


subsection (1);


10in subsection (2)(c), “or 18A”;


subsection (2)(d);


in subsection (3)(a), “11A, 11C,” and “or


in subsection (4)(a), “11A”.


In section 32—


in subsection (3)(e), the words from “as”
to “Act)”;


20in subsection (3)(f), the words from “as”
to “Schedule)”;


subsection (5).

Schedule 1.

In Part 3 of Schedule 7, the entries relating to—


sections 15A and 17A(1) of the
Jobseekers Act 1995;


paragraphs 2(2), (3) and (4)(b), 3, 4(1), 12
30and 13 of Schedule 7 to the Welfare
Reform and Pensions Act 1999;


paragraph 12(2) of Schedule 3 to the
Welfare Reform Act 2007.