Localism Bill

[Supplementary to the Revised Fourth Marshalled List]

Clause 218



Page 193, line 41, leave out “In section 14” and insert “For sections 14 to 16”


Page 193, line 41, leave out from “permission)” to end of line 6 on page 194 and insert “substitute—

“14 Taking account of actual or prospective planning permission””


Page 194, line 9, leave out “in England”


Page 194, line 24, at end insert “to which subsection (4)(b)(i) applies, and

(b) that, in the case of any development that is appropriate alternative development to which subsection (4)(b)(ii) applies and subsection (4)(b)(i) does not apply, it is certain at the relevant valuation date that planning permission for that development will be granted at the later time at which at that date could reasonably have been expected to be granted.”


Page 196, line 4, leave out “14B” and insert “15”


Page 196, leave out line 7


Page 196, line 21, leave out subsections (4) and (5)


Page 196, line 29, leave out “In section 17” and insert “For sections 17 and 18”


Page 196, line 29, leave out from “alternative” to end of line 35 and insert “development and appeals against certificates) substitute—

“17 Certificates of appropriate alternative development””


Page 196, line 36, leave out “in England”


Page 197, line 4, leave out “authority proposing to acquire the interest” and insert “acquiring authority”


Page 198, line 39, leave out from beginning to “Appeal” in line 41 and insert—

“18 ”


Page 198, line 46, after “be” insert “, or is,”


Page 199, line 19, leave out subsection (9)


Page 199, line 30, leave out from “3)” to end of line 35 and insert “omit—

(a) in the opening words—

(i) the words “and appeals under section eighteen of this Act”, and

(ii) the word “respectively”,

(b) paragraph (b) (manner of and time for giving notice of appeal), and

(c) paragraph (d) (which refers to provisions of section 17 not re-enacted in the section 17 substituted by this Act).

(10A) Omit section 21 (proceedings for challenging validity of decision on appeal under section 18).

(11) In section 22 (interpretation of Part 3)—

(a) in subsection (1) (meaning of “the parties directly concerned”) for “authority by whom it is proposed to be acquired” substitute “acquiring authority”, and

(b) in subsection (2) (interpretation of sections 17 and 18) for “and eighteen” substitute “to nineteen”.

(12) In each of paragraph 11 of Schedule 27 to the Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980 and paragraph 8 of Schedule 9 to the Housing Act 1988 (modifications of section 17(2) of the 1961 Act)—

(a) for “authority proposed to acquire it” substitute “acquiring authority”,

(b) for “in respect thereof,” substitute “in respect of the interest”, and

(c) for “sale thereof” substitute “sale of the interest”.

(13) The amendments made in the Land Compensation Act 1961 by this section apply to the Crown to the extent set out in section 33 of that Act (Act applies in relation to acquisition by government department, including any Minister of the Crown, that is an authority possessing compulsory purchase powers as it applies to other authorities possessing those powers).”

Clause 225


[In substitution for Amendment 249B]


Page 203, line 10, at end insert “, subject to subsection (6).

(6) Any amendment or repeal made by this Act in the Transport Act 1968, and the repeal of section 121(1) of the Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980, extend to England and Wales only.”

Schedule 25



Page 446, line 18, leave out “Section 17(10) and (11) and insert—

“In section 20—
(a) in the opening words, the words “and appeals under section eighteen of this Act” and the word “respectively”, and
(b) paragraphs (b) and (d)
Section 21.
Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980 (c. 65) Section 121(1).
In section 121(2)—
(a) the words “Section 17 of the Land Compensation Act 1961 and”, and
(b) the word “each”.
In Schedule 24, Part 1
In Schedule 33—
(a) in paragraph 5(1), the words “2(2), 15(5) and”, and
(b) paragraph 5(2) and (3).”


Page 446, line 21, at end insert—

“Planning and Compensation Act 1991 (c. 34) Sections 64 and 65
In Schedule 6, paragraph 1(1)(a).
In Schedule 15—
(a) in paragraph 15(1), the words “section 14(1) of” and the words after “1961”, and
(b) paragraphs 15(2) and 16(a).
Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1992 (c. 53) In Schedule 3, paragraph 1.
Transfer of Tribunal Functions (Lands Tribunal and Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2009 (S.I. 2009/1307) In Schedule 1, paragraph 42.”

Prepared 20th September 2011