Protection of Freedoms Bill (HL Bill 99)

Protection of Freedoms BillPage 200

Part 9 Repeal of provisions for conducting certain fraud cases without jury

Short title Extent of repeal
Criminal Justice Act 1987 In section 9(11), the words “43 or” (so far as
5inserted into that section).
Criminal Procedure and
Investigations Act 1996
In section 35(1), the words “43 or” (so far as
inserted into that section).
Criminal Justice Act 2003 Section 43.

10In section 45—


in subsection (1), paragraph (a) and the
word “and” at the end of the paragraph,


in subsections (5) and (9), the words “43

In section 46(7), the words “43 or”.
In section 48(1), the word “43,”.
Section 330(5)(b).

Part 10 20Removal of restrictions on times for marriage or civil partnership

Short title Extent of repeal
Marriage Act 1949 Section 4.
Section 75(1)(a).
Civil Partnership Act 2004 In section 17(2), the words “between 8 o’clock in
25the morning and 6 o’clock in the evening”.
Section 31(2)(ab).