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Welfare Reform Bill

Consideration of Commons Amendments

Clause 52


As an amendment to the motion on sheet HL Bill 126(a) that this House do not insist on its amendment 23, at end to insert—

“but do propose the following amendment in lieu—

    “After Clause 53 insert the following new Clause—

    “In section 1 of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 (employment and support allowance) after subsection (3A) there is inserted—

    “(3B) The Secretary of State shall conduct a review of the impact of the provisions of subsection (3A) on such persons as are affected by those provisions.

    (3C) The review under subsection (3B) shall commence twelve months after subsection (3A) has come into force; and a report of the review shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament within three months of the review commencing.””””


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