Financial Services Bill


Clause 5



Page 26, line 8, at end insert—

“2GA Duty to have regard to the competitive consequences of its actions

In discharging its general functions the PRA shall have regard to—

(a) the desirability of promoting the competitive position of the United Kingdom financial services industry; and

(b) the potential effects on that competitive position of its taking, or failing to take, action.”


Page 29, line 42, at end insert—

“(d) that the exercise of their functions in relation to persons regulated by both the PRA and the FCA is coordinated with a view to avoiding the making of duplicative requests and the imposition of inconsistent requirements on such persons.”

Schedule 9



Page 233, line 39, leave out paragraph (b)

After Clause 94



Insert the following new Clause—

“Retail account transfer

Transferability of retail banking current accounts

(1) If an individual customer gives notice in writing to a bank at which he holds a personal current account (Bank A) that he wishes to transfer the balance standing to the credit of that account (Account A) to a personal current account established or to be established at another bank (Bank B) and thereafter to close Account A—

(a) Bank A shall without charge within a period of 10 working days—

(i) transfer to Bank B the balance of Account A less any charges owing in respect of that account;

(ii) notify Bank B of all standing orders, direct debits and other orders for periodical payments that the customer has created in relation to Account A;

(iii) pass to Bank B a copy of all material that it holds in relation to the customer as a result of having performed checks on his identity, the source of his funds or otherwise with regard to its regulatory obligations to counter financial crime;

(b) Bank B shall without charge—

(i) accept the funds transferred under paragraph (a)(i) and credit them without deduction to the account that the customer has applied to open (Account B);

(ii) accept the details that Bank A provides under paragraph (a)(ii) and apply them to Account B so that they operate in accordance with the customer’s instructions from the date that Account B is credited under paragraph (b)(i);

(iii) save where it has grounds for suspicion, accept the material provided under paragraph (a)(iii) in lieu of performing fresh checks on the identity of the customer, the source of his funds or otherwise in relation to its regulatory obligations to counter financial crime.

(2) In this section a bank shall mean any person authorised under this Act and holding a permission for deposit taking granted by the PRA.”

Prepared 19th June 2012