Growth and Infrastructure Bill (HL Bill 72)


Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Department for Communities and
Local Government, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the
Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Department for Environment, Food
and Rural Affairs, the Department for Transport and the Department for Culture
Media and Sport are published separately as HL Bill 72—EN.


Baroness Hanham has made the following statement under section 19(1)(a) of the
Human Rights Act 1998:

In my view the provisions of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill are compatible with
the Convention rights.


  1. Promoting growth and facilitating provision of infrastructure, and related matters

    1. 1. Option to make planning application directly to Secretary of State

    2. 2. Planning proceedings: costs etc

    3. 3. Compulsory purchase inquiries: costs

    4. 4. Permitted development rights for changes of use: prior approvals

    5. 5. Limits on power to require information with planning applications

    6. 6. Modification or discharge of affordable housing requirements

    7. 7. Disposals of land held for planning purposes

    8. 8. Electronic communications code: the need to promote growth

    9. 9. Periodic review of mineral planning permissions

    10. 10. Stopping up and diversion of highways

    11. 11. Stopping up and diversion of public paths

    12. 12. Declarations negativing intention to dedicate way as highway

    13. 13. Registration of town or village green: statement by owner

    14. 14. Restrictions on right to register land as town or village green

    15. 15. Applications to amend registers: modification of power to provide for fees

  2. Other infrastructure provisions

    1. 16. Power stations: repeal of requirements to give notice

    2. 17. Conditions of licences under Gas Act 1986: payments to other licence-holders

    3. 18. Variation of consents under Electricity Act 1989

    4. 19. Consents under Electricity Act 1989: deemed planning permission

    5. 20. Variation and replacement of pre-Planning Act 2008 consents

    6. 21. Removal of Planning Act 2008 consent and certification requirements

    7. 22. Special parliamentary procedure in cases under the Planning Act 2008

    8. 23. Modifications of special parliamentary procedure in certain cases

    9. 24. Bringing business and commercial projects within Planning Act 2008 regime

  3. Economic measures

    1. 25. Postponement of compilation of English rating lists to 2017

    2. 26. Power to postpone compilation of Welsh rating lists

    3. 27. Employee owners

  4. General provisions

    1. 28. Orders

    2. 29. Consequential amendments

    3. 30. Financial provisions

    4. 31. Commencement

    5. 32. Short title and extent

    1. Schedule 1

      Planning applications made to Secretary of State: further

    2. Schedule 2

      Modification or discharge of affordable housing requirements:
      related amendments

    3. Schedule 3

      Periodic review of mineral planning permissions

    4. Schedule 4

      New Schedule 1A to the Commons Act 2006