Care Bill [HL]

to be moved
in committee

[Supplementary to the Third Marshalled List]

Clause 4



Page 4, line 19, after “access” insert “regulated”

Clause 15



Page 13, line 30, leave out from “is” to end of line 33 and insert “the number of years
for which people are expected to contribute to their care costs”


Page 13, line 36, at end insert—

“( )   The number of years specified under section 15(4) shall initially be 5.”

Clause 16



Lord Lipsey gives notice of his intention to oppose the Question that Clause 16 stand part
of the Bill

Clause 17



Page 15, line 31, at end insert—

“( )   After section 54(2) of the Health and Social Care Act 2001 (funding by
resident etc of more expensive accommodation), insert—

“(2A)    The regulations shall only restrict the right of residents to top up
their fees to the extent that is reasonable, and in particular they shall
not limit top-ups to residents using the 12 week property disregard
or the deferred payment scheme.””

After Clause 17



Insert the following new Clause—

“Ministerial advisory committee

An independent ministerial advisory committee shall be set up to keep
under review the workings of the cap and the means-testing arrangements
set out in section 17.”


Insert the following new Clause—

“Local authority grants: cost of scheme administration

(1)   The Secretary of State shall ensure that grants to local authorities are
increased fully to reflect the cost of administering the cap system, the costs
of providing advice under section 4 and the costs of the extended means-
testing system.

(2)   The Secretary of State shall seek the views of the ministerial advisory
committee on the cap and means-testing arrangements before determining
the amount to be paid to local authorities under subsection (1) above.”

Clause 35



Page 29, line 16, leave out subsection (4) and insert—

“(4)   The interest rate shall be the Bank of England’s Minimum Lending Rate
plus 2%.”


Page 30, line 12, at end insert—

“( )   The Secretary of State shall make available to all local authorities a model
deferred payment scheme.”


Page 30, line 12, at end insert—

“(11)   Local authorities shall make available loans for the purchase of appropriate
point-of-need insurance policies, secured against an adult’s legal or
beneficial interest in their home.

(12)   However no local authority shall make a loan under subsection (11)
available unless the adult concerned has taken advice from a regulated
independent financial adviser.”


Page 30, line 12, at end insert—

“( )   The commencement date for the deferred payment scheme shall not be
earlier than 1 April 2016.”

Clause 66



Page 55, line 11, at end insert—

“(h)   the advice of the ministerial advisory committee on the cap and
means-testing arrangements”

Clause 109



Page 88, line 23, at end insert—

“(ca)   regulations under section 22(2)(b) (services or facilities which a
local authority may not provide or arrange);”


Page 88, line 26, at end insert—

“(da)   the first regulations under section 49(10) (meaning of “business

(db)   the first regulations under section 50(1) (criteria for application of
market oversight regime);

(dc)   the first regulations under section 50(4) (disapplication of market
oversight regime in particular cases);

(dd)   the first regulations under section 59(2) (exercise of power to meet
child’s carer’s needs for support);”

Prepared 15th June 2013