Care Bill [HL]

to be moved
in committee

[Supplementary to the Third Marshalled List]

Clause 1



Page 2, line 25, at end insert—

“( )   For the purposes of this section, “an individual” includes the parents of
disabled children”

Clause 2



Page 2, line 38, at end insert—

“( )   contribute towards preventing or delaying the development by
child carers’ caring for a disabled child in its area of needs for


Page 2, line 40, at end insert—

“( )   reduce the needs for support of child carers in its area”

Clause 6



Page 6, line 47, at end insert—

“( )   a provider of relevant services to adults qualifying under this Act;
and regulation and related guidance will clarify “relevant

Clause 10



Page 8, line 41, leave out “another adult (an “adult needing care”)” and insert “an
adult (“an adult needing care”) or disabled child”

After Clause 10



Insert the following new Clause—

“Health promotion of carers

(1)   In exercising their functions health bodies shall—

(a)   promote and safeguard the health and well-being of carers;

(b)   ensure that effective procedures exist to identify patients who are or
are about to become carers;

(c)   ensure that appropriate systems exist to ensure that carers receive
appropriate information and advice; and

(d)   ensure that systems are in place to ensure that the relevant general
medical services are rendered to their patients who are carers.

(2)   In relation to subsections (1)(b) and (c), the Secretary of State may by
regulations further provide for the strategies to be developed.”

Clause 14



Page 12, line 35, at end insert—

“( )   Services of an intimate nature can only be provided to the disabled person
and not to meet a carer’s need for support and regulations may make
provision about what is, or is not, of an intimate nature for the purposes of
subsection (3).”

Clause 41



Page 35, line 13, after “neglect” insert “in any setting”


Page 35, line 19, at end insert—

“( )   The local authority has a duty to consider an advocate to assist an adult
during a safeguarding enquiry.”


Page 35, line 19, at end insert—

“( )   The Secretary of State will set out in regulations and related guidance a
standard for enquiries, including—

(a)   what is identified as a safeguarding concern,

(b)   the threshold for enquiry,

(c)   process of enquiry, and

(d)   timescale for enquiries.”


Page 35, line 20, leave out subsection (3) and insert—

“(3)   “Abuse” includes—

(a)   physical abuse,

(b)   sexual abuse,

(c)   psychological abuse,

(d)   financial abuse and financial abuse includes—

(i)   having money or other property stolen,

(ii)   being defrauded,

(iii)   being put under pressure in relation to money or other
property, and

(iv)   having money or other property misused,

(e)   neglect and acts of omission,

(f)   discriminatory abuse, and

(g)   other as guidance may specify.”


Page 35, line 25, at end insert—

“( )   “Abuse” as defined under subsection (3) may be perpetrated as the result
of deliberate intent, negligence or ignorance.”


Page 35, line 25, at end insert—

“( )   A relevant partner (as identified in section 6 (6)) has a duty, where it has
reasonable cause to suspect a person is an adult at risk of abuse or neglect,
and the adult appears to be within the local authority’s area, to inform the
local authority of that fact.”

Schedule 2



Page 98, line 20, at end insert—

“( )   What actions have been taken to implement recommendations from
reviews that have concluded that year and from reviews that have
concluded in previous years where recommendations are implemented
that year,”


Page 98, line 30, at end insert—

“(e)   the Secretary of State”

Clause 58



Page 46, line 20, leave out paragraph (e)

Prepared 26th June 2013