Children and Families Bill

to be moved
in grand committee

After Clause 9



Insert the following new Clause—

“5AA Children formerly resident with local authority foster parents

After section 23C(5) of the Children Act 1989 (continuing functions in
respect of former relevant children) insert—

“(1)   The assistance given under subsection (4)(c) shall include the
continuation of accommodation with the former local authority
foster parent, unless—

(a)   the former relevant child states that he or she does not wish
to continue residing in such accommodation,

(b)   the former local authority foster parent does not wish to
continue to provide accommodation, or

(c)   it is not reasonably practicable to arrange such

(2)   “Former local authority foster parent” means a local authority foster
parent within the meaning of section 22C(12) with whom the
former relevant child, as a looked after child, was placed under
section 22C(6)(a) or (b).””

After Clause 78



Insert the following new Clause—



“Birth Registration Pilot Schem

( )   Local authorities must establish a pilot scheme to trial the registration of
births within children’s centres, and evaluate the effectiveness of the
scheme to—

(a)   identify and contact new families; and

(b)   enable children’s centres to reach more families, in particular those
with children under the age of two, or who the local authority

(i)   hard to reach, or

(ii)   vulnerable.””


Insert the following new Clause—

“Information and data sharing

(1)   NHS trusts shall make arrangements to share with local authorities records
of live births to parents resident in their area, to be used by the local
authority for the purposes of identifying and contacting new families
through children’s centres and any other early years outreach services it
may operate.

(2)   The Secretary of State must, within a period of six months of Royal Assent
to this Act, bring forward regulations placing consequential requirements
on trusts and local authorities in exercising their duty under subsection (1),
including, but not limited to—

(a)   the format of arrangements made;

(b)   the safeguarding of information;

(c)   the circumstances in which it would not be appropriate for a trust
to provide information to local authorities;

(d)   the regularity of data transfers;

(e)   timescales within which a local authority must contact new families
made known to it; and

(f)   any further requirements the Secretary of State deems necessary.”

Prepared 6th July 2013