Children and Families Bill

to be moved
in grand committee

Clause 21



Page 19, leave out lines 24 to 27 and insert—

“(5)   Health care provision or social care provision which is educational for, or
training of, a child or young person is to be treated as special educational
provision (instead of health care provision or social care provision).”

Clause 26



Page 21, line 5, leave out “reasonably”


Page 21, line 23, at end insert—

“( )   securing for children and young people with special educational
needs but no EHC plan the education, health and care provision
agreed under subsection (3)(a).”


Page 21, line 26, leave out “have regard to” and insert “act in accordance with”


Page 21, line 27, at end insert—

“(c)   ensure that, following operation of the dispute resolution
procedures mentioned in subsection (3)(g), agreement between the
partners is reached on the matters set out in subsection (3), and
ensure that arrangements are in place, as set out in subsection (4),
and then put into effect.”


Page 21, line 40, at end insert—

“( )   Where a clinical commissioning group, or the NHS Commissioning Board,
is a partner commissioning body, the agreements and arrangements
referred to in subsections (1) to (5) are not to be taken to be constrained by
reference to what that group or Board has separately decided to be
necessary for the purposes of its duty under section 3 or section 3B of the
National Health Service Act 2006 as the case may be.”


Page 21, line 44, at end insert—

“(10)   Before making arrangements for the purposes of subsection (1), or before
agreeing the matters set out in subsection (3) to (5) or any of them, the local
authority, and its partner commissioning bodies, shall consult those
persons and bodies specified in section 27(3).”


Page 21, line 44, at end insert—

“(11)   The arrangements made and the matters agreed following consultation
under subsection 10 shall be published by the local authority and its
partner commissioning bodies as prescribed by regulations.”

Prepared 17th September 2013