Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

to be moved

After Clause 1



Insert the following new Clause—

“Belief in traditional marriage

For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Act shall contradict the
principle that the belief that marriage is the voluntary union of one man
and one woman for life to the exclusion of all others is a belief worthy of
respect in a democratic society.”

After Clause 7



Insert the following new Clause—

“Protection of teachers

(1)   For the avoidance of doubt, nothing under or in consequence of this Act

(a)   affect the right of teachers to express their personal views about
marriage in an appropriate way, or

(b)   mean that any teacher will be under any obligation to endorse a
particular view of marriage.

(2)   Subsection (1) does not apply to a school designated as having a religious
character by an order made by the Secretary of State under section 69(3) of
the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.”

Clause 14



Page 13, line 13, at end insert—

“(1A)    The review under subsection (1) must deal with the case for amending the
criteria in the Civil Partnership Act 2004 which define the eligibility of
people to register as civil partners.

(1B)   The review must in particular consider—

(a)   the case for extending such eligibility to—

(i)   unpaid carers and those they care for, and

(ii)   family members who share a house, who have cohabited for
5 years or more and are over the age of eighteen, and

(b)   the case for creating a new legal status that would confer all the
benefits of civil partnerships upon those mentioned in paragraph
(a) without amending the criteria for eligibility for civil

In the Title



Line 4, after “partnership” insert “and arrangements for family members and
relationships of care in cases of long-term house-sharing”

Prepared 3rd July 2013