Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

to be moved
on report

[Supplementary to the Second Marshalled List]

Clause 16





Page 14, line 19, at end insert—

“(4A)    The provision that the Secretary of State may make in any relevant
instrument includes provision enabling the Registrar General to make
regulations by statutory instrument (with or without the consent of a
minister of the Crown).

(4B)   But the Secretary of State—

(a)   may not make enabling provision which gives the Registrar
General power to require a fee to be paid or power to set the amount
of a fee; and

(b)   may not make other enabling provision unless the Secretary of State
is satisfied that the provision is necessary in connection with
administrative matters relating to functions of the Registrar
General or functions of superintendent registrars or registrars.

(4C)   Regulations made by the Registrar General under any enabling provision
are subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of

(4D)   But that is subject to any provision in a relevant instrument about the kind
of Parliamentary scrutiny, if any, to which the regulations are to be subject.

(4E)   In subsections (4A) to (4D)—

“enabling provision” means provision made under subsection (4A)
enabling the Registrar General to make regulations;

“relevant instrument” means—

(a)   regulations under section 9(1) or (2), or

(b)   an order under section (Marriage according to the usages of
belief organisations

Prepared 10th July 2013