Care Bill [HL]

to be moved
on report

Clause 4





Page 4, line 41, at end insert—

“( )   The Secretary of State—

(a)   has a duty to ensure through national public awareness campaigns
that there is a high level of public awareness and understanding of
the terms and implications of the cap on the cost of care; and

(b)   shall publish annually a report on the levels of such awareness and
understanding, including the results of a representative poll of

( )   Regulations must make provision for when a local authority must refer an
adult with care and support needs, or who is making plans for meeting
such needs, to a regulated financial adviser; and for when a local authority
may refer such an adult for such advice.

( )   The advice and information made available to adults with care and support
needs must include:

(a)   advice on housing options; and

(b)   tailored information for individuals with specific medical
conditions and complex individual needs.”

Clause 5



Page 5, line 19, at end insert—

“( )   the need to adhere to specific minimum quality standards and
requirements in the commissioning and provision of services to
adults, as regulations may prescribe;”


Page 5, line 22, at end insert—

“( )   Regulations made under this section may not normally specify that visits
to deliver personal care in an adult’s home last less than thirty minutes,
excluding travel time.”

Clause 6



Page 6, line 37, at end insert—

“( )   ensuring that consideration of the early and co-ordinated
assessment of an adult who may have care and support needs,
following discharge from hospital or other acute care setting, is
initiated upon admission to that acute care setting.”

Schedule 3



Page 110, line 3, at end insert—

“( )   specify matters which the local authority and relevant partners
must have regard to in carrying out an assessment of a person
who may have care needs following discharge from a hospital or
other acute care setting, including the content of the admission
process to that acute setting.”

Clause 83



Page 72, line 45, at end insert—

“( )   Indicators the Commission devises for the purposes of subsection 5
should include indicators of the quality of services provided for the
identification and treatment of those conditions that most
frequently occur in a particular care setting.”

Prepared 14th September 2013