Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill

to be moved
in committee

Schedule 8



Page 171, line 21, at end insert—

“Power to stop, question and detain

   (1)   In paragraph 2(1) after “to whom this paragraph applies” insert “only”.

(2)   After paragraph 2(4) insert—

“(5)   The Secretary of State shall collect on an annual basis the
records of all examinations and detentions, including
information on the protected characteristics under the
Equality Act 2010 of those being examined and detained, and
reports of all reviews of detentions for the purposes of
monitoring and statistical analysis.”

(3)   In paragraph 5 after “A person who is questioned under paragraph 2 or
3”, for “must” substitute “may”.

(4)   After paragraph 5 insert—

“(5A)   A person cannot be compelled to answer questions unless the
person is arrested pursuant to section 41 of the Terrorism Act.”


Page 171, line 30, at end insert—

“(2A)    A person questioned under paragraph 2 or 3 may not be detained
under paragraph 6 unless the examining officer has reasonable
grounds to suspect that he is a person falling within section


Page 171, line 32, leave out “6” and insert “3”


Page 171, line 37, leave out first “6” and insert “3”


Page 171, line 37, leave out second “6” and insert “3”


Page 172, line 29, leave out paragraph 4


Page 173, line 6, at end insert—

“(1A)    In paragraphs 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17 and 18, for “detained”, in each place, there
is substituted “examined or detained”.”


Page 173, line 33, at end insert—

“(1A)    In sub-paragraph (1), the words “Schedule 7 or” are omitted.”

Prepared 1st November 2013