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Water Bill


to be moved IN COMMITTEE

[Supplementary to the Second Marshalled List]

[Amendments marked * are new or have been altered]

After Clause 24


[In substitution for Amendment 109A]

122AParliamentary Star

Insert the following new Clause—



“Duties of the Secretary of State


The Secretary of State shall take such steps as are necessary to—



ensure that bodies carrying out—



the provisions of this Act;



water and associated environmental regulations under


other Acts;



regulations and codes made under sub-paragraphs (i) and


(ii) above; and



equivalent regulations and requirements made under


European Union legislation,



minimise bureaucratic burdens on affected undertakings and


others; and



reduce bureaucracy, overlap and waste within the various bodies


concerned with water and established by statute or by European


Union legislation by defining their respective duties clearly and


transparently in one place and on one website.”

HL Bill 71—II(a)(supplementary)55/3


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