Modern Slavery Bill

to be moved
in committee

Clause 3



Page 3, line 17, leave out “children and


Page 3, line 21, leave out “is a child”

After Clause 3



Insert the following new Clause—

“Child exploitation

(1)     It is an offence—

(a)   to exploit a child, or

(b)   for one person to obtain benefit through the use of a child for the
purpose of exploitation.

(2)     In determining whether an offence has been committed under this section,
it is irrelevant whether—

(a)   a child or any person who has responsibility for the child has
consented to any conduct,

(b)   any coercive means have been used,

(c)   the child was under 18 at the time of the offence if the court is
satisfied that the prosecution had reasonable grounds for believing
they were under 18.”

After Clause 50



Insert the following new Clause—

“National Referral Mechanism replacement

(1)     The Secretary of State shall within 12 months of the passing of this Act
establish by order a body to identify and support potential victims of
modern slavery, having regard to the experience of the current National
Referral Mechanism and the findings of the 2014 review of that

(2)     In establishing such a body, the Secretary of State shall ensure that its
activities are governed by regulations covering—

(a)   identification of victims,

(b)   how victims secure access to support,

(c)   the minimum level of support that victims should receive,

(d)   the decision-making processes relating to victims and potential

(e)   the governance and accountability of the new body and its
relationship to the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner,

(f)   the collection and sharing of data about victims between all
relevant organisations,

(g)   such other matters as the Secretary of State considers appropriate to
the new body.

(3)     An order or regulations under this section must be made by statutory
instrument and may not be made unless a draft of the instrument has been
laid before, and approved by a resolution of, each House of Parliament.”

Prepared 21st November 2014