Modern Slavery Bill

to be moved
in committee

Before Clause 52



Insert the following new Clause—


(1)     Within 5 years of the passing of this Act, the Secretary of State must—

(a)   carry out a review of the provisions of this Act,

(b)   carry out a review more broadly about the current position of
slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, and human
trafficking within the United Kingdom and internationally, and

(c)   prepare and publish a report setting out the conclusions of the

(2)     The report must in particular—

(a)   set out the objectives intended to be achieved by this Act,

(b)   assess the extent to which those objectives have been achieved,

(c)   assess whether those objectives remain appropriate and, if so, the
extent to which they could be achieved in another way, and

(d)   consider the strategic plans and annual reports submitted by the
Independent Anti-slavery Commissioner.

(3)     The Secretary of State must lay the report before Parliament.”

Prepared 21st November 2014