Deregulation Bill

to be moved
on report

After Clause 39



Insert the following new Clause—

“Prohibition of parking on verges, central reservations and footways

(1)     The Road Traffic Act 1988 is amended as follows.

(2)     After section 19 (Prohibition of HGVs on verges, central reservations and
footways) insert—

“19A          Parking on a road anywhere other than on the carriageway

(1)     A person who parks a vehicle wholly or partly—

(a)   on the verge of an urban road, or

(b)   on a footway comprised of an urban road, or

(c)   on any other part of an urban road other than on the

is guilty of a civil offence, subject to the provisions of subsection (3).

(2)     An offence under this section shall be treated as a traffic
contravention for the purposes of Part 6 of the Traffic Management
Act 2004 and regulations made under it.

(3)     Subject to subsection (6), a highway authority may by resolution, or
in the case of the Secretary of State by such notice as appears to him
to be appropriate, authorise, from a date specified in the resolution
or notice, the parking of vehicles on or over a footway or any part
of a footway as referred to in subsection (1).

(4)     Nothing in this section shall apply to any road within Greater

(5)     In this section—

“carriageway” and “footway” have the same meanings as in
the Highways Act 1980;

“urban road” means a road which—

(a)   is a restricted road for the purposes of section 81 of
the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1980;

(b)   is subject to an order under section 84 of that Act
imposing a speed limit not exceeding 40 miles per
hour; or

(c)   is subject to a speed limit not exceeding 40 miles per
hour which is imposed by or under any local Act;

“vehicle” means a mechanically propelled vehicle or a vehicle
designed or adapted for towing by, or to be attached to, a
mechanically propelled vehicle but does not include a
heavy commercial vehicle within the meaning of section 19
of this Act.

(6)     The Secretary of State may make regulations as to any exemptions
from the prohibition contained in subsection (1).”

(3)     The Traffic Management Act 2004 is amended as follows.

(4)     In Schedule 7, after paragraph 4(2)(g) insert—

“(ga)   an offence under section 19A of the Road Traffic Act 1988
(parking on a road anywhere other than on the

Prepared 14th January 2015