Pension Schemes Bill

to be moved
in committee

Schedule 3



Page 65, line 17, at end insert—

“333BA           Sources of information in relation to pensions guidance

(1)     Bodies which are to give pensions guidance must ask those receiving the
guidance about other potential sources of retirement income in addition to
defined contribution pension schemes.

(2)     Assessment of other potential sources of retirement income must include
an assessment of assets including (but not limited to)—

(a)   housing wealth,

(b)   savings, and

(c)   investments.”


Page 71, line 38, after “protection” insert “—

(a)   ”


Page 71, line 40, at end insert—

“(b)   through the decision-making and purchasing process, for
those deciding what to do with the flexible benefits which
may be provided to the member, and

(c)   for people who are drawing their flexible benefits by
ensuring high minimum standards for retirement income

Prepared 23rd December 2014