Modern Slavery Bill

to be moved
on report

Clause 41



Page 31, line 18, at end insert—

“(c)   the assistance and support given to victims of those offences.”

Clause 49



Page 38, line 5, after “guidance” insert “, in conjunction with the Independent Anti-
slavery Commissioner,”


Page 38, line 9, leave out paragraph (b)


Page 38, line 13, at end insert “; and

( )   arrangements for a person to make an appeal against a decision that
he or she should not be treated as a victim of slavery and human

(1A)    Victims identified under subsection (1) must receive support and
assistance for their physical, psychological and social recovery in
accordance with guidance issued under subsection (1B).

(1B)    The Secretary of State must issue guidance, to such public authorities and
other persons as the Secretary of State considers appropriate about
arrangements for providing assistance and support to persons whom there
is reason to believe may be victims of slavery or human trafficking, and the
assistance and support provided under this guidance must—

(a)   meet international obligations for the services that victims are
entitled to receive in relation to—

(i)   appropriate and safe accommodation;

(ii)   material assistance for day to day living;

(iii)   medical advice and treatment, including psychological
assistance and counselling;

(iv)   appropriate information on any matter of relevance or
potential relevance to the particular circumstances of the

(v)   translation and interpretation services;

(vi)   legal advice;

(vii)   assistance in applying for compensation;

(viii)   assistance with repatriation;

(b)   not be conditional on the willingness of the person to act as a
witness in any criminal proceedings;

(c)   take due regard of the victim’s need for safety and protection,
including the opportunity to receive assistance from a person of the
same gender;

(d)   meet minimum standards for such support set out by the Secretary
of State in the guidance published under this subsection;

(e)   ensure that any assistance and support provided to a child shall
have the child’s best interests as the primary consideration;

(f)   ensure that assistance and support provided to an adult must be
provided with their agreement; and

(g)   be subject to regular audit to ensure that it is meeting the conditions
set out in this subsection.”


Page 38, line 14, leave out second “the”


Page 38, line 15, leave out “subsection (1)” and insert “this section”

Prepared 18th December 2014