Deregulation Bill (HL Bill 95)

16 Omit section 9 of the Energy Act 1976 (which requires the consent of the
Secretary of State for offshore natural gas to be subjected in Great Britain to
certain processes of liquefaction which result in the production of liquid
25methane or ethane).

17 In consequence of paragraph 16—

(a) in the Oil and Gas (Enterprise) Act 1982, in Schedule 3, omit
paragraph 37;

(b) in the Gas Act 1995, in Schedule 4, omit paragraph 11(1);

(c) 30in the Petroleum Act 1998, in Schedule 4, omit paragraph 12.

Nuclear Industry (Finance) Act 1977 (c. 7)Nuclear Industry (Finance) Act 1977 (c. 7)

18 Omit section 3 of the Nuclear Industry (Finance) Act 1977 (which provides
for expenditure which the Secretary of State may incur with a view to, or in
connection with, the acquisition of shares etc in the National Nuclear
35Corporation Limited to be paid out of money provided by Parliament).

Sustainable Energy Act 2003 (c. 30)Sustainable Energy Act 2003 (c. 30)

19 Omit section 7 of the Sustainable Energy Act 2003 (which required the Gas
and Electricity Markets Authority to pay into the Consolidated Fund
amounts of up to £60 million, on the Secretary of State’s direction, for the
40Secretary of State then to spend on promoting the use of energy from
renewable sources).