European Union Referendum Bill

to be moved
in committee

[Supplementary to the Marshalled List]

After Clause 5




Insert the following new Clause—

“Report on the United Kingdom’s future relationship with Ireland in the event
of withdrawal from the European Union

(1)     The Secretary of State shall report on the relationship with Ireland which
the Government envisage in the event of a referendum vote to leave the
European Union, and in particular shall report on the effect of such a vote
on the operation of the 1998 Belfast Agreement.

(2)     The report provided for by subsection (1) must be published and laid
before each House of Parliament, no later than 12 weeks prior to the
appointed date of the referendum.”

After Clause 6



Insert the following new Clause—

“Surcharge in case of breach in section 125 of the 2000 Act

Section 125 of the 2000 Act (restriction on publication etc of promotional
material by central and local government etc) has effect for the purposes of
the referendum as if there were inserted at the end—

    ()If any person is found by the Electoral Commission to have
breached the restrictions imposed by this section, and by so doing
to have caused public money to be spent, that person shall be liable
to be surcharged by the Electoral Commission in order to recover
the money that has been spent.””



Insert the following new Clause—

“Impartiality of broadcasters

(1)     Notwithstanding any enactment or legal instrument, before the start of the
referendum period the Secretary of State shall by regulations make
provision to ensure the impartiality of broadcasters during the referendum

(2)     Regulations made under this section must include provision for the
appointment by the Secretary of State of a referendum broadcasting

(3)     Regulations made under this section must require the referendum
broadcasting adjudicator—

(a)   to draw up and publish guidance applicable to the referendum to
ensure the impartiality of broadcasters during the referendum
period, notwithstanding any relevant guidance currently in force or
in draft; and

(b)   to make arrangements by which any allegations of breach of the
guidance on impartiality can be referred to and determined by the
adjudicator and where an allegation, in the adjudicator’s view, is
vexatious or frivolous to dismiss the allegation.

(4)     Guidance published under subsection (3)(a) shall apply to—

(a)   the holder of a licence under the Broadcasting Act 1990 or 1996, and

(b)   the British Broadcasting Corporation.

(5)     Regulations made under this section shall require the referendum
broadcasting adjudicator within one day of receipt of an allegation that a
broadcaster has breached the guidance on impartiality to determine
whether the guidance has been breached and publish its determination
and, where a breach has taken place, to require the broadcaster to remedy
the breach within one day.

(6)     Regulations made under this are to be made by statutory instrument which
is subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of

Prepared 28th October 2015