Education and Adoption Bill

to be moved
on report

Clause 1



Page 1, line 12, after “coasting,” insert—

“(b)   have been notified over a three year period that the school
has remained within the coasting definition,”


Page 1, line 16, at end insert—

“(3)     Regulations under subsection (2) may not be made unless a draft of the
regulations has been laid before, and approved by a resolution of, each
House of Parliament.

(4)     In the event that a school is defined as coasting under the definition
contained in regulations made under subsection (2), the Regional Schools
Commissioner, in assessing whether or not a school has a credible plan to
improve sufficiently, must demonstrate he or she has taken into account
the entire activity of the school including, but not limited to—

(a)   academic achievements;

(b)   achievements in, and access provided to, sports and arts;

(c)   provision of access to further training or education; and

(d)   provision of access to work placements, internships and

After Clause 6




Insert the following new Clause—

“Scrutiny of education provision

(1)     The Education and Inspections Act 2006 is amended as follows.

(2)     After section 70C insert—

“70D          Scrutiny of education provision

(1)     This section applies where more than 10 per cent of schools in a
local education authority area are eligible for intervention under
section 60B.

(2)     The relevant local authority may establish, under section 21(2) of
the Local Government Act 2000 (overview and scrutiny
committees), a committee of that authority to review and scrutinise
matters relating to the provision of education in such schools in the
authority’s area, and to make reports and recommendations on
such matters in accordance with regulations under this section.

(3)     Regulations shall make provision—

(a)   as to the matters relating to the provision of education in
such schools in the authority’s area which the committee
may review and scrutinise;

(b)   as to matters relating to the provision of education in such
schools in the authority’s area on which the committee may
make reports and recommendations to local Academy

(c)   as to information which local Academy sponsors must
provide to the committee; and

(d)   requiring Regional Schools Commissioners to attend the
committee to answer questions.””

Clause 13




Page 8, line 35, at end insert—

“(f)   the provision of child and adolescent mental health services
for children in the adoption system;

(g)   the assessment of the mental health needs of children in the
adoption system”


Page 8, line 35, at end insert—

“(3A)    In giving directions under subsection (1) regarding the provision of
adoption support services, the Secretary of State must take steps to ensure
that the quantity and quality of mental health support provided to children
in the adoption system will be maintained or improved.”

Clause 17




Page 9, line 33, at end insert—

“( )     A statutory instrument under subsection (2) may not be made until the
Secretary of State has laid before Parliament a report on the funding of the
costs of conversions under this Act.”

Prepared 27th November 2015