Education and Adoption Bill

to be moved
in grand committee

After Clause 3




Insert the following new Clause—

“Regional Schools Commissioners: appointments

The Regional Schools Commissioner is an official appointed by the
Secretary of State, except in the area of a combined authority, where—

(a)   if the combined authority has an elected mayor, the Regional
Schools Commissioner shall be appointed by the mayor, or

(b)   if the combined authority does not have an elected mayor, the
Regional Schools Commissioner shall be appointed by the
combined authority,

if so requested by the mayor or the combined authority (as the case may be)
under arrangements made under Part 6 of the Local Democracy, Economic
Development and Construction Act 2009 (economic Prosperity Boards and
Combined Authorities) as amended by the Cities and Local Government
Devolution Act 2016.”


Insert the following new Clause—

“Governing body appeal against warning notice

(1)     The Education and Inspections Act 2006 is amended as follows.

(2)     After section 60A insert—

“60AA           Governing body appeal against warning notice

(1)     The Secretary of State must by regulations make provision for
reviews of, or appeals to the First-tier Tribunal about, decisions
relating to warning notices by the relevant authority under section
60 of the local authority under section 60A.

(2)     Regulations under subsection (1) must enable the First-tier Tribunal
to revoke a warning notice.

(3)     The revocation of a warning notice under subsection (2) does not
prevent the relevant authority or local authority giving a revised
warning notice.””

Clause 5




Page 5, line 4, at end insert—

“5B (1)     Where a school has been designated by order under section 69(4)
of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998, the interim
executive board shall be under a duty to secure that—

(a)   the religion or religious denomination of the school is
preserved and developed, and

(b)   the school is conducted in accordance with the school’s
instrument of government (except in relation to the
composition of the governing body) and the foundation’s
governing documents, including, where appropriate, any
trust deed relating to the school.

(2)     In exercising any powers under this schedule, the Secretary of
State shall comply with any agreement between the local
authority and the appropriate diocesan authority, if any, and
person or persons by whom the foundation governors are
appointed, in relation to the membership and operation of the
interim executive board.”

After Clause 12




Insert the following new Clause—

“Reports on absences

Before a coasting school is converted into an Academy by virtue of this Act,
and of section 61 or 62 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 (schools
requiring significant improvement or schools requiring special measures),
the Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills must
report on the level of absences in the previous three years—

(a)   in the school which is to be converted; and

(b)   in schools already under the sponsorship of the person with whom
it is anticipated the Secretary of State will enter into an Academy

Prepared 30th October 2015