Scotland Bill

to be moved
in committee

[Supplementary to the Second Marshalled List]

Clause 69



Page 75, line 16, at end insert—

“(A1)    None of sections 1 to 68 may come into force until—

(a)   the Secretary of State has laid before each House of Parliament a
fiscal framework setting out the arrangements and institutions
underpinning the tax and spending powers included and devolved
under this Act and under the Scotland Acts 1998 and 2012; and

(b)   the framework has been approved by a resolution of each House of

(A2)     If any of the following provisions of this section would otherwise result in
any of sections 1 to 68 coming into force before the condition in subsection
(A1) is met, the coming into force of that section shall be delayed until the
day that the condition in subsection (A1) is met.”


Prepared 27th January 2016