Immigration Bill

to be moved
on report

Clause 34



Page 22, line 22, leave out “relevant”


Page 22, line 29, leave out from “section” to end of line 32 and insert ““enactment”

(a)   an enactment contained in subordinate legislation within the
meaning of the Interpretation Act 1978;

(b)   an enactment contained in, or in an instrument made under, an Act
of the Scottish Parliament;

(c)   an enactment contained in, or in an instrument made under,
Northern Ireland legislation.”

After Clause 63





Insert the following new Clause—

“Conditions for grant of asylum: cases of genocide

(1)     A person seeking asylum in the United Kingdom who belongs to a
national, ethnical, racial or religious group which is, in the place from
which that person originates, subject to the conditions detailed in Article II
of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of
Genocide, shall be presumed to meet the conditions for asylum in the
United Kingdom.

(2)     The adjudication of whether the group to which the person seeking asylum
belongs meets the description specified in subsection (1) shall be
determined by a Justice of the Supreme Court after consideration of the
available facts.

(3)     Applicants for asylum in the United Kingdom from groups designated
under this section may submit their applications and have them assessed at
British missions overseas.”



Insert the following new Clause—

“Protection of locally engaged staff

(1)     This section applies to staff who formerly worked for Her Majesty’s
Government in Iraq or Afghanistan—

(a)   as direct employees of the United Kingdom armed forces or the
Ministry of Defence;

(b)   on letters of appointment from a British Embassy;

(c)   as direct employees of the Department for International
Development or the British Council; or

(d)   as contracted staff who worked as part of Her Majesty’s
Government’s programmes, projects and operations.

(2)     Persons falling into the categories in subsection (1) and who satisfy the
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees that they meet the
criteria of the 1951 Refugee Convention are eligible for resettlement in the
United Kingdom under the United Kingdom’s Gateway Protection

(3)     Persons falling into the categories in subsection (1) may apply for a visa to
come to the United Kingdom for the purpose of the United Kingdom
determining their claim for asylum.

(4)     Such persons may be accompanied by—

(a)   their spouse or civil partner;

(b)   any of their children under the age of 18 who are not leading
independent lives; and

(c)   any of their parents and grandparents who are over 65 and their
respective spouses and civil partners.”


Prepared 3rd March 2016