Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill

Explanatory Notes

Compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights

84 Section 19 of the Human Rights Act 1998 requires the Minister in charge of a Bill in either House of Parliament to make a statement before Second Reading about the compatibility of the provisions of the Bill with the Convention rights (as defined by section 1 of that Act). The Rt Hon. the Lord Young of Cookham, has made the following statement:

"In my view the provisions of the Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill are compatible with the Convention rights."

85. The Bill engages Article 6 (right to a fair trial), Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life), Article 14 (prohibition of discrimination) and Article 1 of the First Protocol (protection of property) to the European Convention of Human Rights but is compatible with the rights set out in these Articles.

86. The Government set out in the Explanatory Notes to the Bills which became the Small Charitable Donations Act 2012 and the Childcare Payments Act 2014 respectively, its assessment of their compatibility with the Convention rights, which remains applicable. These can be found at and


Prepared 16th November 2016